Treinamento Odontológico Imersivo por meio de Realidade Virtual

Romero Tori, Gustavo Wang, Lucas Sallaberry, Elen Collaço de Oliveira, Maria Aparecida de Andrade Moreira Machado, Allan Amaral Tori


Training invasive medical procedures at the pre-clinical development is a considerable educational challenge. The traditional approach, with animals and corpses, presents both ethical and practical issues. So, the use of virtual reality (VR), which enables low cost realistic simulations, repeatability and real time feedback, is a promising solution. Such ascertainment motivated the development of the virtual environment VIDA Odonto, which resorts to VR technologies, realistic modeling of patient and tridimensional immersive interaction. The developed prototype was tested and evaluated by professionals with clinical experience and beginners, demonstrating its viability to be a relevant educational resource in dentistry courses.

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