Brazilian Journal of Computers in Education

The Brazilian Journal of Computers in Education - RBIE (ISSN: 1414-5685; online: 2317-6121), created in 1997, is a publication maintained by the Special Committee on Computers in Education (Comissão Especial de Informática na Educação - CEIE) of the Brazilian Computer Society (Sociedade Brasileira de Computação - SBC) in partnership with researchers and universities from Brazil and abroad.

The journal seeks to gather and publish works of excellence carried out by professionals and researchers in the area of Computers in Education. It seeks to disseminate the tools, methods and practices that help in the effective use of technology in the teaching and learning process.

The main objectives of the journal are:
  • To disseminate the scientific production of national and international research groups linked to educational institutions that work with Computers in Education;
  • To provide a space for reflection on the everyday issues of computer-mediated teaching practice;
  • To deepen the knowledge of the topics related to the research lines of the Graduate Programs related to the area;
  • To stimulate scientific production at graduate and undergraduate level;
  • To disseminate technology applicable to education.

The RBIE publishes original works in Portuguese, Spanish and English through its online submission system. All papers submitted to the Journal are evaluated by at least two reviewers (double blind) plus one member of the RBIE Editorial Board. The average evaluation time is 6 months. The editorial staff is formed by Doctors with recognized competence and experience in the area of Computers in Education.

RBIE offers free and immediate access to its content, following the principle that providing free scientific knowledge to the public provides greater democratization of knowledge.
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Brazilian Journal of Computers in Education
(Revista Brasileira de Informática na Educação - RBIE)

Vol 24, No 03 (2016)


Table of Contents


Editorial RBIE v.24 n.3
Sean Wolfgand Matsui Siqueira


Vania Cristina Bordin Freitas, Diana Adamatti
Felipe Oliveira Miranda Cunha, Clauirton de Albuquerque Siebra
Nathalia da Cruz Alves, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim, Pedro Eurico Rodrigues, Jean Carlo Rossa Hauck, Adriano Ferreti Borgatto
Adriana Carla Damasceno, Mayrlla Lopes, Rafael Andrade, Silvana Nóbrega, Israel Almeida
Rosana Wagner, Roberto Franciscatto, Liliana Maria Passerino, José Valdeni de Lima, Sidnei Renato Silveira

Awarded Articles

Danielli Veiga Carneiro Sondermann, Yvina Pavan Baldo
Taffarel Brant-Ribeiro, Renan Gonçalves Cattelan
Leander Cordeiro Oliveira, Danúbia Bueno Espíndola, Marília Abrahão Amaral, Regina Barwaldt, Silvia Silva da Costa Botelho
Rafaela Vilela da Rocha, Aparecida Maria Zem-Lopes, Laís Zagatti Pedro, Ig Ibert Bittencourt, Seiji Isotani
Wagner de Andrade Perin, Davidson Cury, Credine Silva Menezes