M-Learning: the use of mobile devices as a didactic tool in the teaching of chemistry

Bruno Silva Leite


This paper we aims to discuss about new ways to educative use of information and communication technologies, in this case, the use of m-learning technologies for the chemistry teaching. The methodological approach adopted was qualitative with a case study strategy, in which 47 high school students participated in three stages: research with the use of cell phone about heat definitions, presentation of research results through a seminary and solve of a questionnaire evaluation about the use of mobile phones as a learning tool. This paper analyzed how students appropriated of cell phone as a learning tool, evaluated the cell phone as a mediation tool in learning activities and analyzed the potentialities and limitations of your integration in the teaching-learning process. The results show a favorable posture of the students face to utilization of the mobile devices in classroom and new perspectives are discussed.


M-learning; Information and Communication Technologies; Teaching-Learning; Didactic resources; Chemistry Teaching

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5753/rbie.2014.22.03.55


Revista Brasileira de Informática na Educação (RBIE) (ISSN: 1414-5685; online: 2317-6121)
Brazilian Journal of Computers in Education (RBIE) (ISSN: 1414-5685; online: 2317-6121)