Comparative analysis of Usability between Learning Management Systems Amadeus and Moodle

Ivanildo José Melo Filho, Rosângela Saraiva Carvalho, Alex Sandro Gomes, Paulo André da Rocha Perris, Rodrigo Lins Rodrigues, Fábio Denilson de Oliveira Feliciano


This paper aimed to compare the efficiency of learning in management environments: Amadeus and Moodle LMS , related performing of similar teacher tasks, by teachers in initial training in music degree course at the IFPE – Federal Institute of Pernambuco – Belo Jardim Campus. The methodology applied consisted in the use of the recommendations of ISO/IEC 9241-11, which usability measures adopted were efficacy, efficiency and satisfaction in performing teacher tasks. The task analysis was used in order to identify the needs or problems related to the use of the environments. Preliminary results for while not generalizable suggest that the LMS Amadeus has better efficiency than Moodle in mediation of learning.


Teacher training; Comparative analysis; Usability; LMS Amadeus; Moodle; ISO/IEC 9241-11



Revista Brasileira de Informática na Educação (RBIE) (ISSN: 1414-5685; online: 2317-6121)
Brazilian Journal of Computers in Education (RBIE) (ISSN: 1414-5685; online: 2317-6121)